Happy at school

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In September Adrian began to attend the class for intellectually gifted children with a special alternative education program Aprogen, one of its kind in Slovakia and surrounding countries.

Pupils are in classes assigned on the basis of psychological tests to pass on the Pedagogical Psychological Center, part of the selection of students into classes for Gifted children are well developed knowledge tests of reading, writing and arithmetic. There is a maximum of 12 pupils in the 1st stage.

 Part of the educational process are the early community. Their task is to prepare children for learning, open them to receive information on the administration of optimal performance, tune in to cool the working atmosphere, degraded minor problems, conflicts between the children and any stress .

Above-average education of intellectually gifted children has its own characteristics. They are used all methods to promote and develop logical thinking, analytical and synthetic thinking, problem solving reasoning, creative thinking. The students enter the open, unfinished, incomplete assignments, which do not have only one solution, but rather have multiple solutions. Since the first class is continually teaching English language, computer science and have a special lesson of Enrichment. Part of graduation each year is to develop the Coursework, where they can choose a topic based on their interests and knowledge.

 Quite often I am facing different opinions on these children and their mode of teaching. Some parents will say they think their child is bright, or smart, but not 'gifted'. Parents often have unrealistic ideas of what giftedness means. A child does not have to be a mini Einstein. Most parents are afraid of the gifted label because of the expectations. Unfortunately, some parents believe their child will be a happier person if she/he is average, or slightly above average. What happens if gifted children don't get appropriate education? They are at-risk, for boredom, frustration, underachievement, or they simply sink to the level of average classmates and never reach their full potential. Because gifted children want to be able to learn at their own speed, not someone else's, skip over work they already know and understand, study things of interest beyond basic school work, and work with abstract concepts that require more than simple thinking.

Adrian loves his school, his class, his new friends and I'm so happy and proud of it. He is kind of Perfectionist. He wants to read perfectly, to spell perfectly, but nevertheless, he's still "just" a kid with his own mischief :)


  1. Cute picture of your son. :) That's incredible that he is gifted. I see what you are saying about the struggles. My friend's son is gifted but wasn't challenged the way he should have been. It's holding him back.

  2. Thanks for comment Amy! I'm grateful for each respond :)
    There is nothing nicer than to see how your child is enjoying the school whether is gifted or not. I'm so sorry for your friend's son :( it's just not fair, each child deserves the right education.