Veronika G Photography

Henry David Thoreau once wrote, “Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!” this quote may be considered of clichéd quotations, but in this case it is remarkably relevant. Simplicity was what Veronika wanted to go for when she asked me to make her a logo and give a new look to her blog. Woohoo simplicity is my obsession :) </a> You can only hardly believe that she got her first DSLR three months ago!?? It's not easy to understand but it's true! She is amazing! Her photos are amazing! Her ideas and colors are beautiful the same as a charm of each captured moment. Please, visit her new blog. A couple of the proofs for Veronika:


  1. Jani, krasne loga!!! Velmi pekne to robis, mas na to talent aj cit. Trojka sa mi paci najviac, super su ale vsetky!

  2. Jani krásne! Mne sa najviac páči 3,5 a6. Mala by som problém vybrať si len jedno :-)

  3. super jani, šikovná si :o) hehe a ako by vyzeralo pre mňa :o) to len tak srandujem :o)
    ale dobre to robíš,normálne skús grafičku na webky a tak .o)

  4. Jani tak aj loga vymyslas? No super, sikulka si velika :)
    A naherny blog si jej spravila!