Having fun!

You don’t need the lightning reflexes of Jet Li or the bamboo-like flexibility of Jackie Chan to learn a martial art :) Adrian started to take karate classes and he loves it!
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Yep :) Adrian lost his first milk tooth last Tuesday. And that first tooth had to be extracted by dentist :( that big kid tooth was already pushing its way through. Adrian was very brave even though he was feared to death (me too). Now he looks like a real kid! (so funny)... he does and it breaks my heart a little...
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  1. mne pridu deti s vypadnutymi mliecnymi zubmi take zranitelne, akoby boli zase malicke. asi je to tym, ze uz pomalicky prestavaju byt detmi a clovek si to tak nejak niekedy nechce pripustit, ze sa ta pupocna snura striha dalej... ach jaj, cas nezastavime.
    pekne fotky, Jani!

  2. Presne, je to tak Jani. A dakujem vam za komenty baby!

  3. haha, aký karatista!super chlapík!