Halfway through the first month | First two weeks

Baby Lea is already two weeks old. She is just precious! I love watching her sleep. While dreaming, she makes the cutest facial expressions, as well as little squeaks and grunts and groans. She will grimace and do all kinds of strange things while she is in what is called the stage of dreaming sleep or active sleep. During this stage she makes such a funny faces :) watching her sleep has become one of my favorite past times. I just love seeing her make faces, from little smiles to frowns, and fluttering eyes to twitches. Even it may seems funny, it's a good thing, during this stage of sleep a lot of synapses are being formed in newborn's brain, getting her ready to learn!

The face of a sleeping baby is always cute and very expressive! Second after second...
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  1. kolko tvari moze mat take male babatko :)
    ta zivacia je uzasna aj ta uplne prva - taky pokoj na tej tvaricke

  2. uzasne vsak, co tie babetka dokazu.
    a stale cumim a rozmyslam, co mozu znamenat tie posledne :)hned po nich nasledovala opat anjelska tvaricka

  3. Kouzelné fotky,moc se mi líbí !!
    Jani to je super mít takový kouzelný model viď. ;)

  4. Jani krásne! Tá zívacia je rozkošná :-)

  5. jani, toto je úžasné, strašne, strašne krásne.
    tie výrazy a čistota fotiek!!
    perfektná si, ale Lea je skvelá modelka :o)

  6. adorable series of shots!

  7. tak to je užasné!! :) followuju ++