... caught chicken pox from school, so this week did not start very good. We found it out on Monday and on the Wednesday he was all covered with poxs red marks on his body. Had no fever at all, only that itching. Thursday and Friday was awful he would barely move. Red dots changed into little blisters. But yesterday (Saturday) the spots had started fading and scabing over and he is definitely feeling better today, much more his nomal self. I hope that the scabs will come off quickly. I didn't want to bother him too much with photographing and he wasn't happy with it either, so here are only few snaps.

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  1. Chuďatko, skoré uzdravenie prajem!

  2. Dakujem Zuzi, uz sa ma lepsie, dnes tak vystrajal :)len sa zbavit chrast a bude tip-top