Are/were you looking forward to school holidays?

Autumn can be a very enjoyable time of year with so many changes to look out for. But another reason that we can look forward to the next couple of weeks is because half-term is coming up. Remember when you were a child? I was looking forward to half-term. It’s hard work starting a new year at school. There are new classes, new people, new lessons – it’s a lot for our brains to take in, and we all get tired. That’s why we look forward to having a break. People talk about recharging their batteries, it does us good to have a rest. But not for Adrian. He was not happy at all, he wanted to go to school despite the holidays and was really sad that he could not meet his friends. And now when the holiday ended, Adrian got a cold. Well, i hope for a quick recovery.
  2010 08 18_3082 blog2010 08 18_3062 blog I hope you all had (will have) lovely holidays!


  1. Love your blog, your images are so crisp and clean!

  2. Super !!! Opat ,krasne farby ...prva sa mi velmi paci.

  3. jani akú peknú dofku ti to spraví.
    a super je tá zelená stena :o)

  4. Ale je sakra tazke ju dobre nafotit a potom editnut :)))