Time to come alive

Let me introduce you my latest acquisition. It is a solid and heavy SLR camera made in Russia. Zenit 11. I found it in my parents' house, hidden among the pile of junk. It seems to be in perfect working condition. My dad kept and loved this camera for many years... this has history! Since it is TTL, you can have a depth-of-field preview while taking on/or before the shot. The lens cap also comes in metal, another lovely way to avoid your lens for fungal growth or direct heat from the sun. This camera can take beautiful shots, much like it can be compared to any other SLR cameras made by Japan and other countries. You select the film speed, then correlate the lines of aperture and shutter speed in the dial. You don’t have to lift the dial or do something, just simply turn it, and the rest follows. If the metal wire is aligned with the circular cap that can be seen in the upper left part of the camera, then it is a correct exposure. You can now check the correlation of the f-stops and shutter speed and apply it to the camera before taking a picture. Specifications: 35mm Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera, metal body, interchangeable lenses using M42 Pentax thread, shutter speeds: 1/30s to 1/500s, light meter, tripod mounting point, hot-shoe flash connector, requires 35mm film, produces 24mm x 36mm frames, 36 frames to a standard roll.

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  1. jeskove oci, Zenit!!!
    ja mam este starsi typ, bez toho selenoveho clanku, expoziciu som merala "externym" expozimetrom ;o) milujem tu packu na pretacanie filmu a platenu zavierku ;o)
    aj ho naladujes nejakym filmom?

  2. Ta packa je super! Zatial som ho este nepouzila, len sa s nim hrala :)
    Planujem kupit nejaky film a vyskusat ho, len by sa zislo vycistit zvnutra (zrkadlo a hladacik) a neviem ako alebo kde...

  3. Jéé krásne! Farebne veľmi príjemné, páčia sa mi kompozície.