Under the railway station

This is the underpass under the railway station through which we go to the swimming pool. Every Saturday. These days it is more often of course and in these hot summer days it's like a balm to the soul, because there is a nice cool air :) Many times I had the urge to carry the camera with me, but somehow I was too lazy. I just always watch all those shadows and lights coming from the outside. Recently when we went to swim, I finally took it with me and made a few shots. I was surprised how hard it is to take photos in such a dark place without an external flash. Because I wanted a real natural shot, with all dark places and shadows and light coming from outside. So difficult to expose correctly! I do not know whether I did right :) but the result with small adjustments looks quite good to me (except of sharpening, it could be more sharp thought). I will definitely try it again, sometimes. Here I added a texture, took the reds out and cover the whole image with a milky overlay to soften the contrast. So, what is your experience with photography in such places?
2010 05 23_8247a 2010 05 23_8250a